One of the perks of my job is that I get to explore parts of North Carolina that I have never been to before, or that I’ve never heard of! One of which is this quaint Little Washington, North Carolina! Did you know that Washington, North Carolina is known for its beautiful historic homes and lovely gardens? Pretty interesting fact. No wonder it meant a lot for Rhodes and Heather to have their session done in Little Washington and how they really liked the area. Plus, Rhodes lives fifteen minutes away from there too, that’s a definite bonus. We were having a streak of cold weather, that made us a bit worried but surprisingly, the weather was gorgeous, it was not too hot nor too cold, it was just perfect! As I arrived at Rhodes’ house, I got the chance to meet their adorable furry babies; it was almost as if it became a mini family photo session, the dogs seemed to have enjoyed the photo shoot. After we wrapped up with their dogs, we headed to Little Washington, Rhodes and Heather showed me around to look for some great locations. They took me straight to the waterfront docs where they thought it would look perfect for their photos. As we were walking by the docks, we asked a boat owner if he could let us in the gated area where they park their boats, lucky for us, he was nice and didn’t mind at all. Then we continued on in downtown Washington, they took me to an alley where a local artist paints occasionally but by that time, they already washed up the walls, we just missed it. I thought it was still a pretty cool alley with some interesting arches above our heads. To wrap it all up, we really had a great time! It was nice to see and have the privilege to have a session at the Little Town of Washington. Thank you, Rhodes and Heather, for allowing me to share great moments with Y’all!



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Ben reached out to me a few months ago, he introduced himself and said that he was a groomsman of one of the weddings I have shot a few years back and would like to inquire about my services. We chatted over the phone along with his fiance Angela, a few minutes later they finally came into an agreement that they would love for me to be their photographer. Angela and I started putting our heads together to come up with a good plan for their engagement session, she happens to be an Interior Designer, so we both worked very well collaborating for the photoshoot. I drove to Greensboro and met Angela for the first time and Ben for the second time after some years. Then, it was a treat to meet their wedding coordinator, Sherrica. She tagged along with us during our session, we all had a blast! I asked Ben as we were taking a break from the shoot, what made him reach out to me, and he said, “I just remembered having such a great time after my friend’s wedding ceremony… it was fun!”. Such a rewarding feeling when you hear those words. So here we are, as you go through their engagement photos, yet again another fun photoshoot, you’ll get to see how we enjoyed this session when two artists put their heads together, you’ll get… magic!


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It was great working with William and Erica for their engagement session last year; they are a sweet, soft-spoken and laid back couple. Erica is the daughter of my husband’s cousin, she moved from Reading, Pennsylvania and became a kindergarten teacher here in North Carolina, she enjoys working with children. There were a few times that she would babysit our daughter to give us a chance to have a date night, our daughter instantly became fond of her and always wanted to spend more time with Erica, “If I were to marry a girl, I would marry Erica”, she said, that made us all chuckle. Enter-William, we met him about a year later, such a fine young man, it didn’t take us long to give him our approval, we all gave him two thumbs up! We cannot be more happy for Erica that they found each other. As soon as they contacted me and asked me to be their photographer, I was elated!

Their wedding was held in downtown Raleigh at the Melrose Knitting Mill, with their amazing staff at a great venue which made their big day even more special. Among all of the images that my assistant and I captured, here are a few of my favorites. Congratulations William and Erica!


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Carolyn saw my other maternity sessions and loved them! She was 37 weeks pregnant when she contacted me so we had to move quickly! Together, with Blake, her husband, we planned the session. Luckily they were easy to work with and Blake was game for whatever Carolyn and I came up with. He was just excited about their new baby. As Carolyn and I were planning, I asked her to give me a list of about themselves as I always do with clients in order to customize their session. Come to find out, Carolyn is an OB/GYN. How convenient is that! It gets even better, this will be their first child! I love getting the opportunity to capture people’s big events.

We started our session in the baby’s nursery. I saw that there was a cute knitted giraffe in the crib and Carolyn told me, “my Aunt made it for the baby!” It looked store bought. It was pretty impressive! Of course, I had to include that in photos. As I was going through the items in the nursery, I noticed 3 little baby booties on a small shelf. As Carolyn explained who gave her the booties, one stood out to me, “the white booties on the right were mine when I was a baby, my mom saved them and handed them to me for my baby,” Carolyn mentioned. I was speechless. An OB/GYN their first child, a handmade giraffe by her Aunt and saved baby booties which were still in great condition… I’m loving this session even more!

As we were wrapping up our session at their home, I asked what they normally do. As they demonstrated their usual routine. I was able to capture those moments. One the baby is old enough, she will be able to get a glimpse of what her parents used to do before she was born. As soon as we were done in their home, we packed up and wen to the Tobacco District in Durham, a place that was meaningful to them since they’d spend time there for fun. It was a perfect way to end the session.


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Where should I start, ‘can’t get enough with this family. As I was working with them I felt as though I wanted to stay there all day and just spend time with them, the kids were a blast. I think I won’t mind babysitting for the Whitmores! The kids played their violin for me as I photographed them and half the time I had no idea what they were doing but it made their photos even more interesting and fun, and as we were wrapping it up at the house, I wanted to photograph the kids one more time as a group and I must say, I was NOT expecting them to be such pros for getting their photographs taken, they got it down for sure! Then, sure enough, I have found out that they always get their family portraits done every year, that explains a lot, they are very well trained by the other photographers which made my job a lot easier and just have fun with these kiddos! Caleb and Charlotte are a very down to earth couple, they’re also great in front of the camera, they needed a few headshots done for their company since they both travel to speak for Web Analytics. They recently moved from Seattle to Raleigh and with that in mind, Raleigh has gained another great family, I believe that Raleigh has given them a nice Fall Welcome as we rarely see the trees this colorful! So Welcome Whitmore family, we’ll see you soon!


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