Chanda explains to me that she and her family had an eventful 4 years, the hardships of life but through it all they made it! She and her family were at the Durham Rescue Mission Victory program for a little over two years which helped her ignite a passion working with children. Now, she’s graduating and receiving a degree in Early Childhood Education at North Carolina Central University in Durham! Her inspiring story has touched my heart and for that I felt it was such a privilege and honor for me to photograph her senior portraits. Along with us was her daughter, Mikaelah, she’s a hoot! Such a sweet and funny girl! Made my job easy by making her mom laugh and comfortable in front of the camera. I’m glad I chose to do her session at NCCU since the location means a lot for her huge achievement, it’s a place where she will never forget, I also had a chance to walk with her in areas where she spent most of her time around the campus then had her pose for her photos, I noticed tears coming down her cheeks, I asked, “Chanda, are you cying?” “Yes,” she answered, “I’m going to miss these buildings, this school… this is where I worked so hard!”  Wow! I don’t think I can even describe it in words on how amazing it felt seeing and hearing her say that… but I just had to try to brush it off before I start crying with her and lose my focus working. So without further ado, here’s her senior portraits at NCCU, where it’s a place of her new beginning!




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Funny how life goes sometimes, you meet potential clients at the least places you expect it. I went for a doctors appointment in Raleigh, you fill out the usual forms then you get the chance to talk to your Physician on what you do for a living, and I must say, it is fun to talk about photography. A few weeks later, I get an email inquiring for my services from Kristine, she have mentioned that her husband which is my doctor referred me to her. Kristine is also a doctor and what’s cool is she’s also a writer/author who is publishing her first book in June! She needed a few head shots for her upcoming book. Since they were also due for a family photo, I had the privilege to photograph the whole family. I got to spend time with their oldest son, Henry, he was a hoot! He was full of energy for sure while his younger brother has a sweet spirit and gave me the sweetest looks in photos. Kristine rocked the photos, she’s a natural! She made my job easier and as for my doctor, Justin, he was actually under the weather during our session but managed to endure the day, the photos turned out great and the kids enjoyed a day at the park!

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Kaylee’s mom have asked me if I could do a real quick photo shoot with Kaylee, and knowing that she’s an awesome make up artist and with her beautiful daughter as the subject how could I say no to that? The photo shoot was short but went great! We chose a simple location and we did just a few snaps and we got some great ones. As I was editing Kaylee’s photos, she kinda reminds me of Amy Adams. Kaylee is such a pretty girl, I remember photographing her with her whole family a few years back, she was just a kid with her little pink bow in her hair and now I believe she’s even taller than I am! Time sure flies. It’s been a privilege to photograph her again and watch her grow into a beautiful young lady!


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I had a blast photographing the Pickering Family, Allie and Nate’s kids were so into it, I could not help but keep clicking away, Aiden, their son didn’t mind me following him around with the camera, Elle, their middle child warmed up to me and started to enjoy posing and the baby, once she started crying for any reason I would try to capture her moment of distress but as soon as I point my camera at her, she would stop…. and started giving me big smiles! It got more exciting for everyone as soon as we headed outside and looked for an empty field. We wondered off across the street and found a few good spots with hidden treasures! We found an old and abandoned trailer RV with the sun peeking through between the surrounding trees, a small old shed and as we go beyond the trees, I heard the “hallelujah chorus singing” we found an empty field! Kids and the parents… along with their photographer had a blast! As Nate and Allie enjoyed playing with their kids, as the kids ran around enjoying their freedom and as the sun was setting I was in my moment, taking it all in and do what I do best. Then an SUV started to roll in and I just heard Nate say, “Well, the fun is over. I think it’s time for us to head back.” Sure enough, it was. As we were heading back to the van, we noticed another surprise was waiting for us, a cop car was parked behind the van and the sheriff was standing there waiting… as I always say, good times – good times! These sort of moments are the things we can always look back to and will relish for a lifetime… Enjoy the photos!


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Laura and I have talked about getting their family session done about 4 years ago, and now we were finally able to make it happen this year. Where else would be a better place to do a family session for their christmas card no other than their own city that they live in, Bethlehem PA. Laura is also another artist who’s very familiar using brushes and paint with oil and Acrylic, and now getting into Photography and Graphic Design, the moment we had the chance to sit down and chat, we could not stop talking about art and our passion for what we do. During their family session, it was cloudy and a bit chilly but the girls still had a blast, with big smiles on their faces and enjoyed posing for me! I think they’re a bit more experienced since they have been posing for their mom growing up. There were a few other photographers in the area also having their photo sessions with families but we were able to work around them and finished pretty quickly, as it was a great location for photos. It was an honor and privilege to photograph the Neiman family!


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