Meet Aaron Pickard, majoring in Music at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro,  he’s very passionate about music, he would listen to a song and be able to play it by ear. He is also interested in photography, shooting portraits in his spare time, he is definitely a true artist at heart, I believe that if he explores another area in art he can thrive in it as well. As we were using the theatre of UNCG for this photo session, there was a professor preparing to hold an audition for an operatic play at the school that was scheduled right after we used the facility, as Aaron was playing the piano while I was photographing him, the professor was listening in… “that was beautiful!” he said, “what song was that? Did you write it yourself?” Aaron smiled and said, “No, I didn’t, actually I just made it up as I went along just for the pictures…” The professor was amazed how he can just come up with notes off the top of his head for giggles. As we were wrapping up to head out, a pianist for the audition came in, the professor introduced him to his pianist and bragged about Aaron. I thought that was big, such a huge compliment for Aaron coming from a University professor who’s musically inclined and presumably very much exposed to all kinds of professional music. Just a few more months and he’s done with school, such an accomplishment! So this is well over due, being photographed next to a beautiful piano, in a gorgeous University theatre… Keep it up, Aaron!

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It turned out to be an awesome day for a family session, could have not been better, not too cold-not too hot, it was just right, they actually just got back from their vacation to Southern California so I guess I would definitely say they brought back some California weather! Tyler and Jessica won a gift certificate for a session a few years back, they contemplated when to use it for quite sometime but then after they had their second child Titus, they finally decided that it’s about time to get their photos taken (insert smiley face). With their two beautiful kids and a great couple with perfect weather, it turned out to be an enjoyable time for everyone at the park and I got to know them a lot better, it was such a privilege to photograph their family!





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On October 7th, Hurricane Matthew was just starting to hover over North Carolina, it was dark, cloudy and rainy that day. Rebecca was a bit worried and asked how the rain will effect her wedding photos, I replied, not to worry, everything will work out fine, then I said, “worse case scenario if it doesn’t stop raining we’ll use the rain as an element to create something wonderful for your photos.” After several changes with the schedules, location for the ceremony, and with the rain being on and off that day, we were able to get some photos done! Friends and family came and witnessed these two finally tie the knot, everything went smoothly. Later that night, we were actually hoping for rain to get some nice shots… no rain. We still went ahead outside to get some portraits with the string lights set up by the venue, as we headed outside it started to rain a little, I still took some shots within a few minutes as my gear was starting to get a little wet. By the end of the night, they were able to finish the day with an exit using sparklers! I gotta say again, everything worked out perfectly! Here are some of their wedding photos as the day went on regardless of Hurricane Matthew, enjoy!


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Courtney, who’s currently residing in VA found me through Google searching for a photographer to photograph her daughter’s 1st birthday and husband’s 30th in Raleigh. It was such a pleasure meeting her and the rest of her family. I’m so glad Courtney decided to hire a photographer, I believe 1st birthdays of our children are just as important as any wedding day, I managed to photograph my own daughter’s 1st Birthday years ago, and now she enjoys looking through the photos every now and then. As I photographed the party I felt so honored being a part of it and capturing every moment as the day unraveled. In years from now, I want her daughter to have the same pleasure of looking back through her photos of the day that she has no way of remembering, a day her mom planned for months to make it a memorable one!













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Another great family session with the Chamberlins! It was such a great joy to see them all again and see the two girls grow up, they’re both so musically inclined! They both love to sing to their mama, making up their own words as they go along, just melts your heart- so sweet! They had fun playing and just going crazy as sisters out in the field with big smiles on their faces, and I just followed them around and captured every moment of it! As the sun sets, the golden light gave this session a lovely ambiance that made the images even look more captivating!

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