Courtney, who’s currently residing in VA found me through Google searching for a photographer to photograph her daughter’s 1st birthday and husband’s 30th in Raleigh. It was such a pleasure meeting her and the rest of her family. I’m so glad Courtney decided to hire a photographer, I believe 1st birthdays of our children are just as important as any wedding day, I managed to photograph my own daughter’s 1st Birthday years ago, and now she enjoys looking through the photos every now and then. As I photographed the party I felt so honored being a part of it and capturing every moment as the day unraveled. In years from now, I want her daughter to have the same pleasure of looking back through her photos of the day that she has no way of remembering, a day her mom planned for months to make it a memorable one!













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Another great family session with the Chamberlins! It was such a great joy to see them all again and see the two girls grow up, they’re both so musically inclined! They both love to sing to their mama, making up their own words as they go along, just melts your heart- so sweet! They had fun playing and just going crazy as sisters out in the field with big smiles on their faces, and I just followed them around and captured every moment of it! As the sun sets, the golden light gave this session a lovely ambiance that made the images even look more captivating!

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I had the privilege of photographing Lisa and Michael’s wedding in 2015, a year later – here I am photographing their Maternity Session, I am so grateful that I had this privilege again as they move forward to the next chapter as a married couple. They chose to do their session in Umstead Park in Raleigh, they love the trees as their background as they really enjoyed their wedding photos that were taken in the woods as well, I personally like them too. I was so thrilled to see them again and able to capture this part of their journey as they welcome baby Everly (aka) Eevie into their lives…




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I cannot believe it! Two of my former seniors decided to tie the knot this year! I took both of their senior portraits a few years back and now here we were photographing their engagement session! They chose to do their session out in Boone, NC to spice it up a bit, it was a blast hanging out with them, I must say it was the longest-short hike I have ever taken! I had to stop a few times to catch my breath, “kinda out of shape, eh?” Miguel yelled out, “me? Nah! I’m good, just enjoying the scenery that’s all”, rolling my eyes after that comment (chuckle). I’m so glad they decided to do their engagement session up in Boone, it was a great trip going to the mountains – such a scenic location, we ran out of time to do a few more photos so we ended up going downtown Raleigh and hit a few back alley areas, good times! Cannot wait till their big day…  I’m so thrilled to be photographing their wedding!

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I have photographed Colette’s parents prior to her arrival for a Maternity Session, so I kind of photographed Colette while she was still in her mother’s womb. Jessica and Aaron also gave me the privilege of photographing their new baby at the hospital, after looong hours of “labor of love”, as we all thought and have set our minds that it’s going to be a baby boy and… surprise! It’s a girl!! Colette has finally arrived. It’s been such a great opportunity and an honor to be a part of this growing family, a rewarding moment for any photographer. So here she is, by far my youngest client, Colette Ava.




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