Jessica and Aaron are expecting their first baby, they chose not to find out the gender but we’re all betting that’s it’s going to be a baby boy, we’ll soon find out! Sammy, their dog (aka their first born) was not camera shy, she was just…. there, doing her usual “thang” and looking fabulous for the camera. We had a great time as we went on with the session with whatever idea I came up with, I found out that Aaron likes the house in order, so I had this idea of messing up the baby’s room and they went along with it and got a few fun photos It’s always a joy capturing these growing moments- entering another chapter in life, such a rewarding experience for me to be a part of!













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The last time I took photos of Nathan was when we were still both living in Southern California and he was only about 4 years old, and here I was photographing him as a High School Senior! (Sigh!) Now, I officially feel old! It felt pretty weird hanging out with him and his sister Breanna who’s now a young lady and as tall as me, as we walked around downtown Raleigh, hitting every cool corner we could find for his photos… shopping and taste testing free food at the same time, yup! Good times!



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I have photographed Matthew’s sister’s senior portrait in 2013, three years later it’s his turn to have some fun! It’s always been such an honor photographing siblings, he has mentioned as we were getting his photos done that ‘among all of my senior sessions his sister’s was his favorite one, but then again… he could be biased,’ he said. We had fun going through an abandoned building with no lights just using our cell phone flash lights and found a few empty rooms down the 2nd floor with great natural lighting for the rest of his photo session, such a brave guy to go through junk and sit on dirty chairs and steps for the sake of getting great images, i’m glad he trusted my creativity for the setting! So I guess after this session, he could say, this is by far his favorite Senior Portrait!



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A week ago, I got an email from Micah’s mom, she wrote, “it’s that time of year again, and I need you for senior pics :)” At first glance, I thought it was a glitch that i’m getting an email from her about a Senior Session again because it feels as though I just did her son’s senior photos not too long ago, lo and behold, it’s her second son graduating this year and I just cannot believe how time flies. It gives me great joy that a parent would reach out to me again to do another session for her! Love it! I found this old small airport, Lake Ridge Aero Park in Durham which was an awesome location for his session, one of the owners of the place was so sweet to let us use the area. Micah was such a sport posing for me, and we were able to come up with a few good photos for him, so here they are! Enjoy!







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My little girl has a few projects that needs to be done for school, I must say it’s a bit overwhelming sometimes, as she watched me put together one of her many school projects, she agreed to do this 1960s styled mini photo shoot with me for fun! We were able to find a few things here and there to put this together, the sun glasses, gloves, her dress and the vintage hat that has been sitting in my office closet. A lot of people have said that my daughter definitely knows how to “work it” in front of the camera, …uhm, yes she does! She’s getting the hang of it ever since she was a baby. If I tell her how to pose… she struggles a little, but once I say, “…just do your thang… give me your best shot!” ……Aaaaaand click, click click!!! She has grown up way too fast!




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