Scruggs Family Photo Session, Raleigh NC

Funny how life goes sometimes, you meet potential clients at the least places you expect it. I went for a doctors appointment in Raleigh, you fill out the usual forms then you get the chance to talk to your Physician on what you do for a living, and I must say, it is fun to talk about photography. A few weeks later, I get an email inquiring for my services from Kristine, she have mentioned that her husband which is my doctor referred me to her. Kristine is also a doctor and what’s cool is she’s also a writer/author who is publishing her first book in June! She needed a few head shots for her upcoming book. Since they were also due for a family photo, I had the privilege to photograph the whole family. I got to spend time with their oldest son, Henry, he was a hoot! He was full of energy for sure while his younger brother has a sweet spirit and gave me the sweetest looks in photos. Kristine rocked the photos, she’s a natural! She made my job easier and as for my doctor, Justin, he was actually under the weather during our session but managed to endure the day, the photos turned out great and the kids enjoyed a day at the park!

Scruggs Family Sesh-2PINTHISScruggs Family SeshPINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-3PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-4PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-6PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-10PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-8PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-9PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-11PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-12PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-13PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-14PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-15PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-16PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-17PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-18PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-19PINTHISScruggs-Family-Sesh-20PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-20PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-21PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-23PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-24PINTHISScruggs Family Sesh-25PINTHISScruggs-Family-Sesh-26PINTHIS

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