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A 1960s Styled Mini Photo Shoot

My little girl has a few projects that needs to be done for school, I must say it’s a bit overwhelming sometimes, as she watched me put together one of her many school projects, she agreed to do this 1960s styled mini photo shoot with me for fun! We were able to find a few things here and there to put this together, the sun glasses, gloves, her dress and the vintage hat that has been sitting in my office closet. A lot of people have said that my daughter definitely knows how to “work it” in front of the camera, …uhm, yes she does! She’s getting the hang of it ever since she was a baby. If I tell her how to pose… she struggles a little, but once I say, “…just do your thang… give me your best shot!” ……Aaaaaand click, click click!!! She has grown up way too fast!





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