I was born as an artist and started to draw as soon as I learned how to hold a pencil. Since then, I have been passionate about art- I love to paint with oils and draw with charcoal. I took my artistry to the next level when I became a professional graphic designer. With a borrowed camera from a friend, I began to explore the art of photography and was thrilled with what I was able to capture! The decision to purchase my very first film camera marked my entrance into the world of photography, and I am passionate about being able to develop my creativity in another avenue. I have been delighted to be able to utilize my artistic eye in composing and capturing lasting memories.

Six years ago, my family and I moved from Southern California to North Carolina. An unexpected blessing of this move was discovering and exploring the tremendous number of historical sites along the East Coast. I have aspired to learn more about history, amazed by all the photographs that have been preserved over time for us to relive and savor. Being able to view the past through these images has made me realize that photography is priceless, and that – just as importantly – I can give this same gift to others. With my artistic creativity and my passion for history, I create photographs through a journalistic perspective that tells an unforgettable story… your story.


My journey in life as an artist. Sharing the people, places and things that inspire me...



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