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An aspiring pianist, Aaron Pickard, Greensboro NC

Meet Aaron Pickard, majoring in Music at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro,  he’s very passionate about music, he would listen to a song and be able to play it by ear. He is also interested in photography, shooting portraits in his spare time, he is definitely a true artist at heart, I believe that if he explores another area in art he can thrive in it as well. As we were using the theatre of UNCG for this photo session, there was a professor preparing to hold an audition for an operatic play at the school that was scheduled right after we used the facility, as Aaron was playing the piano while I was photographing him, the professor was listening in… “that was beautiful!” he said, “what song was that? Did you write it yourself?” Aaron smiled and said, “No, I didn’t, actually I just made it up as I went along just for the pictures…” The professor was amazed how he can just come up with notes off the top of his head for giggles. As we were wrapping up to head out, a pianist for the audition came in, the professor introduced him to his pianist and bragged about Aaron. I thought that was big, such a huge compliment for Aaron coming from a University professor who’s musically inclined and presumably very much exposed to all kinds of professional music. Just a few more months and he’s done with school, such an accomplishment! So this is well over due, being photographed next to a beautiful piano, in a gorgeous University theatre… Keep it up, Aaron!

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