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Brian and Breanna: Engagement Session | Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina

Brian and Breanna had known of each other since they attended the same college, but they never really interacted. After a few years, they crossed paths again at a friend’s wedding on the West Coast. This time, Brian gathered the courage to get her phone number from a friend. He called her up, introduced himself, and from that moment on, he captured her attention. They kept in touch by phone and talked for hours. They even played games just by talking over the phone, which I thought was pretty clever, creative, and sweet.

When it was time for their first date, Brian, who was living in Indiana at the time, researched activities they could do in Raleigh. He found a “Scavenger Hunt” Adventure online, something I didn’t know they did in the area despite living there for some years. As we planned for their engagement session, they mentioned the fun things they did on their first date. I thought photographing them around downtown would be a good start.

While walking around the area, we went inside the Capitol Building. Despite living here for some years, I had never seen the Capitol from the inside. Luckily, the friendly government employees allowed us to capture a few great shots. As we continued to scout the area, they explained their “hand sign” sweet gestures to each other. These two lovebirds are just full of ‘sweet creative brain juices’!

As you go through their photos, you’ll see what we were able to create with their creative ideas and my photographic twist. We came up with some pretty cool photos. As the day went on, we all had a great time. I never knew Brian was such a funny guy! So here are a few from their engagement session. Enjoy!

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