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Brian & Breanna: Wedding | Durham, North Carolina

Breanna and I met up at Sola coffee shop in Raleigh to talk about the details of her wedding, I think it’s one of the best places to meet up clients (just sayin’!). I believe we ended up talking for hours, I enjoyed hearing Breanna’s stories on how they met, the day they got engaged and the plans for her wedding, we were bouncing off ideas with one another, considering she’s also an artist with clever ideas on how to save money without sacrificing the quality of a great wedding, so with that said, we definitely stayed and chatted for hours until the coffee shop closed. And talked a little more outside the parking lot, we just hit it off! This is one of the things I enjoy as a photographer, getting connected with the bride and just watch them glow with a big smile talking about every women’s dream of planning a wedding. Then I met Brian, he’s like Breanna’s twin but a funny one, he also has his own ideas which made their engagement photos even better! On their wedding day, they both got it down, they were both relaxed and just having a great time with each other and that made my job much easier, I was just shooting away and captured them on how they truly spend time as a couple, they created magic in the air – Ehl-Oh-Vee-Eeh, L.O.V.E.! And of course, as the photographer, I just did my ‘thang’ …and so here they are, just a few of their many wedding memories I was able to capture!


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