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Chamberlin: Family | North Carolina Museum of Art Raleigh, North Carolina

Another great family session with the Chamberlins! It was such a great joy to see them all again and see the two girls grow up, they’re both so musically inclined! They both love to sing to their mama, making up their own words as they go along, just melts your heart- so sweet! They had fun playing and just going crazy as sisters out in the field with big smiles on their faces, and I just followed them around and captured every moment of it! As the sun sets, the golden light gave this session a lovely ambiance that made the images even look more captivating!

1Chamberlin-Family-202Chamberlin-Family-353Chamberlin-Family-174Chamberlin-Family-345Chamberlin Family-416Chamberlin-Family-457Chamberlin-Family-488Chamberlin-Family-979Chamberlin-Family-13010Chamberlin-Family-13811Chamberlin-Family-14212Chamberlin-Family-15614Chamberlin-Family-17717Chamberlin-Family-19316Chamberlin-Family-21915Chamberlin-Family-196


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