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Portraits | Annapolis, Maryland

Meet my childhood friend, Cynthia Pate. We’ve been friends since we were in diapers… Yup! Diapers! We’ve been through thick and thin with our drama and good times as kids. We rarely see each other since we live far apart but we were able to keep in touch over the years. I remember we used to play Atari at her house, we would play pac man, E.T., Centipede and Space Invaders! (Sigh! Remember those? Those were the days…) Rewinding a few years back here, we also used to play with paper dolls, changing their “paper” clothes and placing them in their paper houses with paper furnitures and so on, and now as grown women we get to decorate our own house and go shop and buy our own stylish outfits and learn a few make up tricks. I never thought I would be strolling down the streets of old historic downtown Annapolis with my childhood friend and what’s more fun is I get the privilege to be behind the camera and photograph her! Good times, good times! So here are a few of her photos as we create new memories and hopefully many more to come…



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