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Dank je wel, Amsterdam Netherlands

“Dank je wel!” It’s the first Dutch word I have learned during my stay in the Netherlands. I left my heart in Amsterdam! Can’t get enough of this place. I am so grateful I had the privilege of photographing a wedding in the Netherlands. They are well-known to have exotic flowers. I am a suck-ah when it comes to flowers. I love having fresh ones in my house. They do give off good vibes, for me anyway, so did Amsterdam! People ride bikes everywhere, young and older people alike. It’s so earth-friendly! As soon as I got home from a trip to the Netherlands, I raved about the place to friends on how much I loved it. They gave me that look and a smirk on their face, “what?!” I asked. Soon enough, I learned about legalized marijuana. Ah, no wonder… the good vibes! I love the crooked heritage buildings, so fascinating and I won’t even mention the famous District in town with colorful bright lights, I promise it’s not the reason why I like the country.

With their exotic flowers, colorful crooked tall buildings and great food, there’s no reason why we should not visit the place.


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