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Erica and William: Engagement | Raleigh, North Carolina

I have been meeting a lot of couples that have met through online dating sites, I think whoever came up with that idea is brilliant!… And made a lot of money, ha! That’s how Erica and Will found each other, Will came down to Raleigh to meet up with Erica in person for the first time, they went to a few places in downtown Raleigh and they hit it off, they became two peas in a pod! A few years later, Will had Erica’s cousin to pretend that she needed Erica to babysit for her kids on a Saturday. As they were driving to her cousin’s house, which was actually Erica’s old house, Will pulled into the driveway, and together they walked back to a barn behind it. When they got to the barn, he opened the door and inside were a bunch of flowers, Will started to say a few words of his prepared speech, Erica continued to look around then she saw a sign that said “Will you marry me?”, as soon as Erica realized what he was doing, she started crying then Will suddenly got down on his one knee, then said a few more words, then he finally asked the big question… Such a creative and unique way of proposing! I love hearing stories on how people get creative with their proposals! We did their engagement session at downtown Raleigh, then we have discovered a local restaurant called ‘Brewery Bhavana’, I must say it was such a unique and hip place! They even sell flowers, books and I’ve heard from a friend that they have the best dim sum, took a few more photos around the area then we took a chance and went to a crazy place called the “State Fair”! Took us forever to get in but made it and did a few shots, it was the busiest day to go to such a place, it was crazy but I didn’t let that stop us… We weren’t able to go around all that much, we inhaled all the smoke, smelled all the grilled and deep fried food and made our stomachs growl but finally got a few shots in and posting a few of them on this blog. In spite of the struggles of getting around it was so much fun! I cannot wait to capture your big day next year, Erica and Will!




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