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Francesca Liparoti’s ‘Branding’ Session: London, England

Francesca and I chatted for a little bit having a cup of tea and some sweet goodies (or biscuits as the british say) at one of the 5 star hotels at Kensington Park right across Kensington Palace where Princess Diana used to live, how often can you say that, right?! Francesca is a Nutritionist, she has discovered that watching what you eat really makes a huge difference in your life, it made her feel more energetic and even helped her to lose weight, which inspired her to be a Nutritionist and now she is inspiring hundreds of women to eat healthy! We had a great time discussing about food and health, we really hit it off considering she’s a nutritionist and I just started eating vegan. We, of course, went to a Whole Foods store in downtown London to do her ‘Branding’ Session, I felt like a kid at Disneyland, it was 3 stories high filled with organic goodies! Well, I have learned that Europe has high standards when it comes to food, they do not put any chemicals in most of their food from produce to meat products. Yep, i’m packing my bags! As we went through the store, she would explain a few things and told me which ones are her favorite to buy and of course, we won’t have it here in the U.S. (Buggah’!).  We both enjoyed our time together, getting kicked out and turned down to do some photos in some areas of the store which were the first for her, “…It’s London, that’s wha’ they do” I had to ask if we could, didn’t hurt to ask, right? But we managed to do a few shots, I followed her around the store as she was really shopping for groceries, people were looking but it was fun! We were able to take more photos across the street at Kensington Gardens and called it a day! We went back to the hotel and had our “Afternoon Tea”! It was a ‘splendid’ and ‘brilliant’ idea to end the day. Francesca has asked me, “When ah’ you coming back to London?” …Uhm, I will definitely come back within a few years! “It was a lovely experience foh’ me to do a session in London and would love to do it again!” Thank you so much, Francesca, for giving me the privilege to photograph you…



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