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A Wedding at the Howard House | Dunn, North Carolina

I was looking forward to Hannah and Josh’s wedding. Such a fun couple. I can still remember that day, no matter how hot and humid the weather was, we still managed to have a great time during their engagement session. I appreciated them for being so tolerant that day.

On the day of their wedding, the weather was perfect, the decorations at the venue were looking fabulous! I was excited to start the day. Hannah looked so beautiful in her dress. Josh’s hair was just perfect. I loved the bridesmaids’ long black dress, looked so classy and elegant. As we were photographing the couple for their portraits, they were sitting on the couch, holding each other’s hands. Hannah was looking down. She looked nervous as any other bride would feel on their wedding day, as she looked up into Josh’s eyes he was staring at her the whole time with a soft smile on his face, she smiled. They locked eyes onto one another. I have to admit that melted my heart. It was by far my favorite part of their day, watching them together was like watching a romantic movie, and the exciting part I was actually able to capture that moment! I love my job!! Posting a few of their many photos and I will have you all figure out which photo I was referring to. Hannah and Josh, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day!


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