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The Howard House Wedding, Dunn NC

I’m beyond excited to share Heather and Rhode’s wedding photos! It was held at the Howard House in the small town of Dunn, NC. As Heather was still in the early process of planning her wedding, one thing stood out to me, she was considerate of not breaking her mom’s bank, I thought that was too sweet of her, Heather is also a hard worker and strives for perfection, and like any other bride, they get pretty stressed on planning a wedding. As we were getting close to the big day, Heather managed to take on the stress. She was still on top of everything. It was such a commendable effort. Everything went smoothly. I could not ask for a better day for a wedding.

The guests were gathered and danced under a huge white tent in front of the house. Everyone was having a great time. It was a party! With limited area to work with, I was still hoping to get a few more shots with the couple before the night ended. I decided the beautiful double doors were the perfect spot. As we were setting up, Heather and Rhodes were all in smiles. The couple was laughing and enjoying themselves as Rhodes was holding ‘a bottle of beer‘ and Heather was holding ‘a cup of wine‘. A friend decided to photo-bomb the couple, it was too hilarious for me not to include it. By the time we were done, Heather gave me a big hug and said, “thank you so much for everything… I love you!“, I said, “I love you too!”, though, she might not remember saying those words to me, I know deep down there’s truth in it! Haha! As I was photographing them dancing, I got choked up a bit… It’s done. I was so happy to see these two so happy… Everything went well and the couple is finally married! To Heather and Rhodes, thank you so much for letting me a part of your big day!


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