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Ismael and Valeria: Engagement Session | Wilmington, North Carolina

It’s such a rewarding experience to get referrals from previous clients. Valeria is a close friend of one of my former senior clients and bride! Such a cute couple! They told me the story of their dating days until the day Ismael pulled it together to ask the “question”, ha! I love hearing these stories, the stories that unfold another chapter in a couple’s life, the stories could be funny or emotional or both! It’s great hearing both sides, the bride’s and the groom’s perspective on how the day went, then they start exchanging thoughts on how they felt at the time, and as for me, sitting at the back of the car listening to the couple, it felt as though I was watching a romantic movie (pass the popcorn, please?!)

We had a great time exploring downtown Wilmington, you can never go wrong with the area, every corner you will find such amazing historical sites, new cool shops and great architectural buildings. As the day went on, it never felt like a job for me, it was just another day spending time with a couple on a date and I happen to be the chaperone with a camera! It was truly an honor and a privilege to photograph these two love birds and becoming a part of their lives… is priceless!



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