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Lisa and Johnny’s Wedding, Raleigh NC

Such a blast photographing Lisa and Johnny’s wedding, they are such a fun couple to work with along with their wedding party! I learned so much more about Downtown Raleigh from them, they knew exactly what they wanted and where they wanted to have their photos taken. Lisa is a fellow photographer, she had about a two page long list of questions for me when we first met 🙂 and a few days later… I was thrilled to find out that she chose me to photograph their big day! Whew! Such a big compliment!! I don’t think it will ever get old with me of newly engaged couples having me document their “once in a lifetime” event, I love my job! Thank you so much Johnny and Lisa for letting me be a part of making your wedding day a special one, for you and your kids… and your kids’ kids to remember for years to come!!!


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