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Lisa and Michael: Wedding | The Boondocks Raleigh, North Carolina

My bride Lisa, is a fellow Graphic Designer but she found her passion more of the “behind the scenes” of the technicalities of the web aspect, I call her the “Google Guru”. I asked her why she picked me as her photographer as I usually ask every bride, I was expecting her to say, “I love your work!” or “I love how you capture the moments.” But her answer was not even close to what I was expecting, “I love what you said on your Bio…”, I have to say, after our meeting, I had to check my site and read my bio again to see what she was saying, it’s been awhile since I wrote my own bio, you don’t hear that often from a couple, but it was refreshing to hear that and I had no idea that people still read the bio of any photographer.

I had a great time working with Lisa and Michael, very easy to work with and they know how to have fun! Lots of emotions going on at the end of the day, as their guests headed out for their exit, the couple made sure that it ends with a dance to their song, so glad I caught them and was able to capture their “alone time” moment. Thank you so much Lisa and Michael for allowing me to document your special day!




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