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The Carolina Inn Wedding, Chapel Hill North Carolina

I always enjoy covering a wedding at one of my favorite venues, The Carolina Inn located in Chapel Hill. The best place to get inspired to get ideas for your home with a southern flair, from wood floors, crown molding, antique furnishings to framed artwork on the walls. No wonder Logan and Cayla chose to have their wedding at one of the finest hotels in the area, their wedding style was “Elegance meets the South” topped off with an awesome band that played american and french genre music from the 1940s which made the ambiance even more pleasurable, such a great couple to work with, so much love between the two of them. Seeing both of their parents hearts filled with such happiness for these two made the day feel more gratifying! What a privilege to work with one of New York’s Wedding Photographers, Julian Rubinik, and it’s been an honor to be a part of this beautiful event!



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