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Une journée à Paris! Paris, France

Every year, my daughter and I would have a mini photo session to get one good photo for our Christmas card that we usually send out to friends and family. For great locations, we would go to a nearby park or a scenic area close to our house. Sometimes, we would even travel far. Well, one year we had the privilege of traveling to Europe, I figured, why not Paris!! A 2-hour train ride from London was not that bad at all. It was a rough train ride though as soon as we arrived in France either a train breaks down or it would be completely full of passengers. People were getting frustrated as we wait for the next available train to arrive. A woman spoke to me in French as we were waiting, I smiled and started nodding my head and shrug my shoulders thinking to myself, “Dang it! I don’t even know how to say, I don’t speak French, in French.” She looked at me funny and looked away. Oh well, I won’t see her again in this lifetime anyway. Through it all, we made it to several locations. It was a bit challenging to take photos as Paris was full of tourist at that time. But we had fun anyway! Audrey was in her element and could not be more happy with the outfit she had, the hat and purse. So here are a few images I captured as we roamed around in Paris with my little “Audrey Hepburn”!


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