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Rhodes and Heather: Engagement Session | Washington, North Carolina

One of the perks of my job is that I get to explore parts of North Carolina that I have never been to before, or that I’ve never heard of! One of which is this quaint Little Washington, North Carolina! Did you know that Washington, North Carolina is known for its beautiful historic homes and lovely gardens? Pretty interesting fact. No wonder it meant a lot for Rhodes and Heather to have their session done in Little Washington and how they really liked the area. Plus, Rhodes lives fifteen minutes away from there too, that’s a definite bonus. We were having a streak of cold weather, that made us a bit worried but surprisingly, the weather was gorgeous, it was not too hot nor too cold, it was just perfect! As I arrived at Rhodes’ house, I got the chance to meet their adorable furry babies; it was almost as if it became a mini family photo session, the dogs seemed to have enjoyed the photo shoot. After we wrapped up with their dogs, we headed to Little Washington, Rhodes and Heather showed me around to look for some great locations. They took me straight to the waterfront docs where they thought it would look perfect for their photos. As we were walking by the docks, we asked a boat owner if he could let us in the gated area where they park their boats, lucky for us, he was nice and didn’t mind at all. Then we continued on in downtown Washington, they took me to an alley where a local artist paints occasionally but by that time, they already washed up the walls, we just missed it. I thought it was still a pretty cool alley with some interesting arches above our heads. To wrap it all up, we really had a great time! It was nice to see and have the privilege to have a session at the Little Town of Washington. Thank you, Rhodes and Heather, for allowing me to share great moments with y’all!


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