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Portrait Session: Palm Springs, California

Meet Stephanie Forcina, our former flower girl. I cannot believe it has been such a long time since I’ve seen her. She was only about 3 feet high, with her sweet smile and beautiful curly hair. We decided to do this photo shoot at the last minute; we planned and prepared for the session in Palm Springs within a few short days. As the day was approaching, Stephanie asked what outfits she should wear; looking at a few photos her mom sent to me, I had a feeling that she has a unique taste in clothes that would probably look great in photos, not to mention, the gorgeous purple hair! So wasn’t too worried about it. I suggested for her to wear anything she wants and something inspired by the 60’s era. As we finally met up in Palm Springs, I noticed that she was able to put together a couple of outfits that were true to her style. I asked, “Did you put together your outfits with whatever you have in your closet, Stephanie?”. She smiled and nodded yes. She felt so comfortable and in her element. We walked around downtown Palm Springs and enjoyed the little shops, the retro, and Spanish details of the buildings and the endless succulents, cacti and palm trees all over the area. You really can’t go wrong finding a good setting for the session! The city has definitely improved on many levels since the last time I was there! Here are a few of Stephanie’s photos that show her sense of style. I’ve seen all different colors of hair but never purple, so chic! It was such a pleasure working with this beautiful young lady, one session that I will definitely not forget!


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