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Webster Maternity Session

Carolyn saw my other maternity sessions and loved them! She was 37 weeks pregnant when she contacted me so we had to move quickly! Together, with Blake, her husband, we planned the session. Luckily they were easy to work with and Blake was game for whatever Carolyn and I came up with. He was just excited about their new baby. As Carolyn and I were planning, I asked her to give me a list of about themselves as I always do with clients in order to customize their session. Come to find out, Carolyn is an OB/GYN. How convenient is that! It gets even better, this will be their first child! I love getting the opportunity to capture people’s big events.

We started our session in the baby’s nursery. I saw that there was a cute knitted giraffe in the crib and Carolyn told me, “my Aunt made it for the baby!” It looked store bought. It was pretty impressive! Of course, I had to include that in photos. As I was going through the items in the nursery, I noticed 3 little baby booties on a small shelf. As Carolyn explained who gave her the booties, one stood out to me, “the white booties on the right were mine when I was a baby, my mom saved them and handed them to me for my baby,” Carolyn mentioned. I was speechless. An OB/GYN their first child, a handmade giraffe by her Aunt and saved baby booties which were still in great condition… I’m loving this session even more!

As we were wrapping up our session at their home, I asked what they normally do. As they demonstrated their usual routine. I was able to capture those moments. One the baby is old enough, she will be able to get a glimpse of what her parents used to do before she was born. As soon as we were done in their home, we packed up and wen to the Tobacco District in Durham, a place that was meaningful to them since they’d spend time there for fun. It was a perfect way to end the session.


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