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Whitmore Family Session: North Carolina Museum of Art | Raleigh, North Carolina

Where should I start, ‘can’t get enough with this family. As I was working with them I felt as though I wanted to stay there all day and just spend time with them, the kids were a blast. I think I won’t mind babysitting for the Whitmores! The kids played their violin for me as I photographed them and half the time I had no idea what they were doing but it made their photos even more interesting and fun, and as we were wrapping it up at the house, I wanted to photograph the kids one more time as a group and I must say, I was NOT expecting them to be such pros for getting their photographs taken, they got it down for sure! Then, sure enough, I have found out that they always get their family portraits done every year, that explains a lot, they are very well trained by the other photographers which made my job a lot easier and just have fun with these kiddos! Caleb and Charlotte are a very down to earth couple, they’re also great in front of the camera, they needed a few headshots done for their company since they both travel to speak for Web Analytics. They recently moved from Seattle to Raleigh and with that in mind, Raleigh has gained another great family, I believe that Raleigh has given them a nice Fall Welcome as we rarely see the trees this colorful! So Welcome Whitmore family, we’ll see you soon!


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